hard corns

A corn is an area of hard skin that forms over a point of pressure within a callused area of skin. They commonly appear on weight bearing areas of the foot and the tops of toes. Corns have a hard centre and are often painful when direct pressure is applied. Some (soft) corns may also occur between your toes.


The most common symptom associated with a corn is a sharp, stabbing, and at times debilitating pain that radiates from the site of the corn. Some corns can cause pain both in and out of footwear.


Our podiatrist Melbourne will assess your foot and will identify the site of any corn. A treatment plan aimed at the expert removal of the corn and surrounding callus will be implemented. The underlying cause of the formation of the corn will also be identified and addressed. If left untreated corns can become very painful and result in altered walking patterns which in turn place greater stress on other parts of the foot and lower leg.

In some circumstances, the skin immediately under a corn can break down and form a shallow ulcer which can become infected. If a corn is removed carelessly the surrounding soft tissues can be damaged and an infection may follow.

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