Fragile Feet

fragile feet

Fragile feet is a general term that is used to describe feet for which the normal stresses of daily living far exceed the strength of the skin to cope.

Fragile feet can result from poor circulation to the feet. Conditions such as diabetes mellitus may also lead to a lack of sensation in the feet. Thus, you may step on a sharp object (such as a pin) and not feel it in the normal way. This may turn into an ulcer if the circulation that supplies the feet is not strong enough for healing to take place. It is important for people with fragile feet to remain vigilant so that ulcers do not develop because an infection may then arise. This means checking that the inside of your shoes is smooth each time the shoes are to be worn.

The same applies for shoes which are a bit tight. Tight shoes can cause the growth of corns, calluses and blisters as the toes rub together.

We perform a number of tests to quantify the health of your feet, to help you learn if your feet are indeed fragile. We will check the fit of your shoes and suggest strategies that will improve the health of your feet. Remember to bring a variety of your shoes for our assessment.

Our Services

We provide the following podiatry services: sports injuries, children’s foot care, orthotics, shockwave therapy, nail surgery, video gait analysis & swift thermotherapy.

Melbourne Podiatrist offer care for fragile feet for residents in Brunswick, Sandringham, Bentleigh, Hampton, Northcote, Essendon, Coburg & Mentone. If you would like more information, please call our Brunswick Foot Clinic on (03) 9387 8555 or Sandringham Foot Clinic (03) 9555 6555 or click below to book online.

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