Bunions – Brunswick & Sandringham

Melbourne Podiatrist offers quality bunion treatment for residents in Brunswick, Sandringham, Bentleigh, Hampton, Essendon, Coburg & Mentone.

This is a condition in which the 1st metatarsal (long bone on inside of long arch of the foot) deviates away from the adjacent metatarsals whilst the hallux (big toe) points towards the smaller toes. The changes in the alignment of these bones produces a bony outgrowth on the side of the 1st MTPJ (big toe joint), commonly known as a bunion. Bunions have a number of causes including hereditary disposition, loose ligaments, poor footwear, inflammatory arthritis and over pronation of the feet.

Symptoms: The main symptom of HAV (Hallux Abducto Valgus) is pain during walking or movement of the hallux (big toe). This pain is due to the degeneration of the cartilage of the joint that occurs during the formation of the bunion. Long standing HAV can also cause the neighbouring 2nd toe to retract and dislocate. This dislocation can lead to the formation of corns and calluses under the ball of the foot which can become a painful part of the foot. See below.

Treatment: Your podiatrist will assess your foot and identify the severity of your bunion. The treatment plan that will be recommended will depend on the severity of the bunion. Minor deformities are predominantly caused by over pronation of the feet. The pain associated with these deformities can be decreased and any further joint degeneration can be limited with the use of orthotics. Major deformities may require surgical correction to restore the alignment and function of the1st MTPJ (big toe joint). Post surgical orthotics are usually required to slow if not prevent any recurrence of the bunion.

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