Fungal Toenails – Brunswick & Sandringham

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nail-1A fungal nail refers to an infection, usually of the toenail. Fungal nails can be picked up by walking barefoot in public areas such as swimming pools, showers or change rooms. A fungal nail can provide an entry point for other infections, especially if you are elderly, diabetic or immune suppressed. Eradication of the fungal infection can be a long and protracted process.

Symptoms of Fungal Nails

Fungal nail infections (onychomycosis) are usually painless. Fungal nails often have a yellow discoloration. They can become thickened and at times can appear ‘worm eaten and brittle’. Fungal nails often start in a small section of one nail and may spread slowly to several or all nails.

Treatment for Fungal Nails

Our podiatrist will assess your toenail and identify the stage and extent to which your toenail has been infected. A nail sample may be collected to be sent for testing to quantify what type of fungal infection you have. Then our podiatrist can prescribe the most appropriate medication for your condition. Treatment may include oral anti-fungal tablets or a topical anti fungal medication.

To be effective topical antifungal treatments must be applied to the growing edge of the fungus. As the active edge of the fungus is on the underside of the nail, the upper side of the nail will act as a natural barrier to the absorption of any creams or lotions and so the diseased nail needs to be removed through careful podiatric care.

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