Thickened Toenails – Brunswick & Sandringham

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This condition usually presents as an abnormal thickening of the nail from the nail base to its free edge. The nail also has a characteristic yellow/brown discolouration. Thickening of the nail may be due to a number of factors including trauma, fungal infection, psoriasis, lymphoedema, poor circulation or other systemic disease.

thickened nails brunswick

Symptoms: The major symptoms associated with thickened nails are an inability to cut the nail due to increased thickness and pain and discomfort due to pressure from the uppers of your shoes. Sometimes corns and calluses can develop under the toenail. If left untreated a shallow ulcer can develop under the corn through which an infection can develop.

Treatment: Your podiatrist will assess your foot and identify the cause of the nail thickening. A treatment plan to reduce the nail thickness, therefore reducing pressure and allowing for easier management of the nail will then be implemented.

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