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Shin Pain & Pronation

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Shin pain is a term used to describe pain along the front of your lower leg, your shin bone. Pain may also be felt as an ‘ache’ in the muscles on either side of your shin bone. It is important to remember that the major movements of your feet occur due to the activities of the muscles in your lower legs. If these muscles are over straining, pain can result on the front and sides of your shins. Most of you will recall an increase in your physical activity which preceded your shin pain. Your muscles can also become strained if you have flat feet and you are over pronating (your feet are rolling inwards).

Shin Pain Symptoms

The main symptoms of shin pain are an ache in the muscles on either side of the shin bone. This ache can increase as your physical activity increases and is usually only relieved with rest. If you are unwilling or unable to rest and you wish to continue your sport, you will need to reduce the strain on your leg muscles.

Shin Pain & Pronation Care in Brunswick

Shin Pain Treatment

As there are a wide variety of conditions which have shin pain as the primary complaint, a number of effective treatment regimes exist. Our experienced podiatrists may recommend a regime of care that includes muscular stretching and strengthening, changes to your level of activity and footwear, physical therapy such as deep tissue massage and orthotics to correct your foot position and to lessen the strain on your lower leg muscles. After a detailed assessment of your biomechanics our podiatrist will be able to provide you with a shin pain specific treatment plan that’s right for you.

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