Feet Blisters

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If skin is rubbed too vigorously the layers of the skin will begin to separate so that a blister is formed. Blisters frequently affect the feet, especially if shoes are not well fitted.

A blister will remain sterile unless it bursts. If it bursts, germs can enter the wound. If you have a minor blister you should clean it with a mild antiseptic such as chlorhexidine (or even salty water) and cover it with a dressing such as a band-aid.

If a blister is very large and painful, our podiatrist will drain the blister with a sterile instrument, and dress the wound with a sterile dressing to minimise the risks of infection. Our podiatrist will also provide cushioning for the area to make it as comfortable as possible whilst the blister is healing and provide advice to minimise the risks of the blister returning.

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