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Flat Feet

People with flat feet are prone to tired and aching feet because the ligaments of their mid foot are chronically stretched. When you stand on the outside of your feet (to supinate the feet), the arch of your foot will be raised and the bones of the mid foot will be pushed together. As the ligaments which support the mid foot are no longer stretched, relief will follow.

The nature of your work, including occupational health and safety considerations, as well as the shape of your feet can greatly limit your success at finding shoes that are comfortable and that are deemed safe for your workplace.

Our podiatrists can diagnose why you have foot and ankle pain and how to correct your flat feet. They will provide you with a treatment plan to help overcome this fatiguing condition.

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Melbourne flat feet

If you would like more information on how to treat foot pain, ankle pain and flat feet in Melbourne, please call our Brunswick Foot Clinic on (03) 9387 8555 or Sandringham Foot Clinic (03) 9555 6555 or click below to book online.


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