Home Care Tips for Fantastic Feet

Learn about home care tips for fantastic feet from our Melbourne Podiatrist team below.

02B53063Your feet work hard to keep you balanced and mobile. Every day they withstand a total force of over a tonne, just from the impact of walking. Not to mention the stress of being squished into high heels, smothered by sweaty socks, or suffocated by tight pantyhose!

Don’t take your feet for granted. Common issues such as cracked skin, fallen arches, corns and damaged bones can cause pain and reduce your mobility. Fortunately, you can avoid many of these problems through proper foot care.

These tips will help to keep your feet in great shape:

Give them a soak

Relax your tired, achy feet in a warm Epson salt foot bath. Just add half a cup of salts into a bucket or tub containing enough water to cover your feet and ankles. Soak your feet for up to an hour to relieve muscle pain, soften the skin and neutralise foot odour.

Wear shoes that fit properly

No shoe is gorgeous enough to warrant damaging your feet. Ill fitting shoes can cause bunions, corns and even distort your toe shape. Make sure your shoes are comfortable, supportive, and don’t squash your toes. In addition

  • If you must wear heels, try not to wear them for too long and no higher than 5cm
  • Choose shoes with broad heels, arch support and good shock absorbency - especially if you are pregnant.

 Set the right temperature

Just like the rest of your body, your feet need to be kept at a comfortable temperature. Keep them cool in summer with sandals and breathable shoes, and warm in winter with comfy socks and weatherproof shoes.

Scrub your feet

Keep your feet clean by scrubbing them regularly. If you can’t balance in the shower, use a chair and wash them under a tap or with a bucket. Make sure you exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, particularly on the sides of your feet and between your toes. Dry your feet carefully to keep them free of odour and bacteria.

Let them breathe

Constrictive footwear puts undue pressure on your feet, increasing your risk of cracked toenails and fungal infections. Make sure your shoes are roomy yet supportive, and air out sweaty shoes such as sneakers for 24 hours, letting them dry fully before wearing them again.

Lay off the polish

Nicely painted toenails look lovely, but wearing polish for too long can discolour your nails. What’s more, the active ingredient in most nail polish removers is acetone, which has a severe drying effect on nails and skin. So take a 1-2 week break from wearing polish every couple of months.

Trim your nails properly

To avoid developing ingrown toenails, trim your nails straight across. Be careful to not trim them too short or cut into the sides of the nail, as this can increase your risk of infection. Smooth rough nail edges with an emery board or nail file. Doing this every few weeks will keep your nails well maintained.

Moisturise regularly

Applying foot lotion should be a regular part of your skin care routine. Gently massaging your feet with a nourishing cream helps keep them soft and safe from cracking. An added bonus is that it feels amazing! Just remember to remove excess moisture from between your toes to avoid a fungal infection and cracked heels.

Check your feet daily

Especially if you’re diabetic, any changes in your foot’s appearance may signify a developing problem. Inspect your feet daily for signs of discolouration, unusual nail thickening, lumps, or bruising.

Seek a professional opinion

If you are experiencing regular foot pain, or are concerned about the health of your feet, seek professional advice from our local podiatry team.

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